1. nov, 2015

New Zealand - Country of Brilliance

Hi there evryone,

TikiNewZealand has asked me to write a guest blog for her website, an offer wich i couldn't refuse. I hope you will all enjoy my thoughts on one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the home of the All Blacks!

Having visited this amazing country with its amazing people,  one could only be dazzled about the beauty, the hospitality, the kindness and the relaxation of New Zealand. Your yourney begins when entering at New Zealands national airport in Auckland. The Maori wood carving gate wich wishes you welcome is so precisely made and the eye for detail is so great that you imediately gain respect for the artist(s) who made it.
Then driving down the roads towards your destination to spend the night, already gives your the feeling that this country has loads of different sceneries to offer to you. From the bisy and crowded town of Auckland, with it's remarkable skyline and it's 24 hour economy, to the silentness of the bay of plenty, with it's amazing blue water and georgious green islands.
The environment in wich the people of New Zealand live is so important to them, that they start teaching children at school the importance of it. Growing your own crops, experiencing that things doesn't grow by itself, means that children will understand the very basics of life and the importance to keep and maintain a green environment. Learn to respect animals and the wildlife is just as important. This way New Zealand makes sure that this island will always stay green and ecological for many years, if not centuries, to come.
You can walk along trackt towards waterfalls wich makes your mouth drop to the floor. The walk towards them, takes you alongside quiet streams with water so clear that you can see the tiniest creatures walk along the bottom. And then the path takes you up alongside huge boulders, just only to end at one of the most impressive falls that i have ever seen. Water from a huge lakelaying behind what squirts through many crevasses and then falls many metres to the ground. Just so amazing to see.

New Zealand provides you with so many impressions, wich you will never forget for the rest of your life and we feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to visit this country. If you ever had doubts to come over and visit........read this blog of tikinewzealand, scout the internet and read all the stories written about the Maori's, the nature, the activities and the scenery and i guaranty you can't wait to come over and look and experience it for yourself.

Thanks you tikinewzealnd for the opportunity to write on your blog and i hope you will continue to write alot more stories about your thoughts on New Zealand and it's residents.


Sander (twitter @fireblokey77)